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The project CORAL WINE is a concept of the underwater wine cellar of Marko Dusević. Each bottle ages in the sea and it is precisely the sea and underwater springs that give the aromas and flavours of the wine its unique signature.

Exclusively selected wines

love at first sip

This wine is outstanding. If there is something to celebrate, or is looking for something special, this is the perfect idea.

Elke Vlaminck

Time seems to fly.

Unbelievable, what influence this special environment has on the wine. 

Nicolas Breuer

It's something you have to come up with

Throw wine into the sea and get better wine out.

Maximilian V. O. Houf

When will there be more?

I have really tasted a lot of wine in my life, but this wine is something special.

Thomas Lohmann

Wine from all over Europe

Today the underwater cellar of Coral Wine contains over a hundred different wines from more than 30 different estates from all over Europe.