The origin

Marko Dušević
The creator of ''Coral Wine''
Marko Dušević is the name behind the brand ''Coral Wine.
A man with a great passion for wine, a diver and a visionary whose main guideline in life is the joy of living.
The love for wine has accompanied him throughout his life, since he comes from a land with a long and rich history of wine production. It was in some ways inevitable that his constant questioning and striving for better wines did not lead to a product behind which he stands proudly today.
Life and work on the Adriatic made all this possible when one day he did not want to carry wine bottles home from his mussel farm and sank them in the sea.
After he had forgotten them for several months, he found them while diving out some shells.
He was amazed at the sight: He held a bottle in his hand, which was encrusted and covered with beautiful coral.
Immediately he knew that he wanted to show everyone the new design that the sea had given him, but he did not know what he was actually holding.
The immersion of wines under water for several months gave way to an experiment that led Marko to ''coral wine''. A form of "ageing" of wines under water proved to be something that changed the wines. Very soon he and the winegrowers whose wines he submerged noticed that the structure of the wine had changed and brought them a wine that was very different from the same wine that was on land in the cellars.
Today, under his leadership, ''Coral Wine'' has become a very well known brand in the wine scene, which is used by wine producersamp; Sommeliers of the Croatian and European gourmet scene is recognized. His underwater wine cellar currently houses more than ten thousand bottles of wine with labels from ten countries and more than 50 wineries.
Despite the constant growth of "coral wine", Marko has not lost the desire to experiment, rediscover and find new ways to further improve his offer. The fact that this has become his profession has not deterred him from his love for wine and the sea. It only gave greater meaning to one thing that began as a practical way of keeping a few bottles handy, developed into a loving hobby and today is a brand he is proud to have founded.
But the only idea will never change. To drink fine wines, eat good food and enjoy good company.