It all starts with the grape
Wine is the world's most prestigious luxury food with a history of over 8,000 years. The grape brings everything that the winegrower needs for his work. The berries contain water, sugar and pectin, among other things. They are squeezed and the juice is allowed to ferment alcoholically. Then it takes time for the tannins to soften and combine wonderfully with the other flavours. The temperature is important. During fermentation, it should neither be too hot nor too cold. Cool is nice, then the yeast works nice and slowly, which gives the wine time to develop the colour and taste optimally.
Wisdom of bearing
Wine connoisseurs know that the storage of wines is also decisive for the quality of the wine, especially of red wines or storable white grape varieties such as Riesling. It is not for nothing that good, ageable wines are stored in cellars with little temperature fluctuation and darkness or in wine climate cabinets.
Underwater maturing
Why underwater wine? The storage of wines in the sea has a great impact on the colour and taste as well as the ageing of the wines. Ideal and cool conditions and the silence of the sea contribute enormously to the quality of the wine. It undergoes a considerable degree of maturation: a wine that has been submerged in the sea undergoes a 3-5 fold maturation and aging process and acquires a unique character. These wines then have excellent sensory characteristics and have increased in value many times over.
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