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because the impression he leaves behind is lasting.
- Goethe -
CORAL WINE – A class of its own
The project CORAL WINE is a project of the underwater wine cellar of Marko Dušević. On a shellfish farm off the island of Pag in Croatia, selected wines from various winemakers from all over Europe are sunk into the Adriatic Sea. The wines undergo a refinement from the inside and outside.
„We are travelling all over Europe and are already looking for very well matured wines, which we can then refine with our method under the sea.“
In peace lies the strength
For an average of 350 to 450 days, the selected wines are sunk 15 to 30 metres into the depths of the sea. At a pressure of around 2.7 ATA, a constant temperature of between 8 and 16 degrees Celsius and the constant darkness of the ocean depths and the fine nuances of the tides, the wine is matured under optimal conditions and can develop its aromas to their fullest potential.
„It is very important to us to sink the wines ourselves on site and to observe them again and again under water during the maturing process.“
First "underwater wine cellar" in Croatia
The idea of an underwater wine cellar comes from Marko Dušević. Together with a pool of experts from the wine industry, vintners, sommeliers and also oenologists, the maturation under sea level was researched and optimized. The focus is not only on the quality inside the bottle - the external changes caused by corals, algae and other marine organisms also give the product a unique signature.
„Our product stands for quality - inside and out!“